1. How do I update the Stations/Channels ?/ How to get new stations ? Why do I see 0 Stations ?
Ans: Press the "SYNC" button found on the Stations Tab or Pull the Stations Screen down. This will get the latest stations/channels from internet. New channels are updated regularly, so perform the Sync regularly (at least once a week). If you have any stations that you need, please contact us.

2. How can I Record the broadcasts ?
Ans: While a station is playing, click on Record button in the 'On Air' tab. Please note that recording feature is only provided for personal use and you cannot transfer recordings to another device or another person. Also your device should have atleast 500MB of free space for recording to work.

3. How can I Pause a Radio broadcast ?
Ans: Press the Pause button while a station is playing. This will stop the station playback, but Desi Radio will continue to buffer the data for the next 10-15 mins. You can press Play again to resume the station from where it stopped. You can press the Stop button to completely stop the Radio.

4. How do I perform Youtube Search ?
Ans: While the station is playing, press on the icon next to "Now Playing Song Information" on the "On Air Screen". This will search the current playing song in Youtube.

5. Why don't I get correct search results in Youtube ?
Ans: Youtube search tags are obtained from current song info provided by the radio stations. Many times the current playing info is not provided by radio stations or it should be modified to get accurate results. Please change the search terms appropriately to get more accurate results.

6. How do I change the Theme of Desi Radio ?
Ans: Click on "Settings" and toggle the Black Theme switch. Currently 2 themes are supported. White & Black.

7. How do I use the Timer ?
Ans: Click on "Timer" button in "On Air" tab and select the countdown. After the countdown is reached, the radio will stop automatically

8. How do I add a Station myself that is not listed in Desi Radio Suite ?
Ans: Luckily you add any station that streams MP3/AAC/HEAAC1&2. Just click on Settings -> Add Custom Station. URL must be starting with http://. After you add it, you can find under "Favorites" under section "User Added". If you want the station to be added permanently, just contact us using the below form.

9. Why are stations not Playing ?
Ans: Although we try best to fix dead stations, we might miss a few. Please contact us for any dead stations and we will try to update them. Also note that all stations do not broadcast 24/7.

10. Whey are iPod controls not working ?
Ans: In order for iPod controls to work, you need to be in "On Air" screen and then press the Home button. This is a limitation on how iOS devices work.

11. How do I delete Recordings and Favorites ?
Ans: Swipe Left/Right on the Recording and you should see a Delete button.